How does the tournament work?

  • Each doubles team will play everyone in their pool.

  • Depending on the size of your pool, you will either play 5 or 6 matches.

  • You will play a 4 game pro set with no AD (at SC and Niwot). 4 game pro set with AD at LHS.

    • You will play until one team reaches 4 (win by 2). For example, if you get to either win 5-3 or see next bullet point below.

    • If you get to 4-4, you will play a tiebreak (first to 7 points, by 2)...coaches can help you with tiebreaks if you aren't sure.

    • No AD means that when you get to deuce (40-40) it is sudden death. The returning team gets to choose who is returning and that point wins the game.

  • For individual doubles teams....we will tally wins and losses (1 point for a win and 0 for a loss). Your ranking in each pool will be first determined by your number of points. If two teams are tied, the tiebreak will be head to head. If more than two teams are tied, we will count total games won. If teams are still tied after that, then we will look at head to head of those teams. Sounds more complicated than it is :)

  • For the team points, we will total the amount of matches won for all doubles teams (1st thru 5th doubles). If two teams are tied, we will look at head to head matches with the two schools (for all 1st thru 5th doubles matches) to break the tie.